Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Did you know that the U.S. Constitution provides for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress?  Interesting right? Let’s find out more. What is up with D.C. Yes, Washington D.C. is not part of any U.S. State, it isn’t a state either. If you know about the Residence […]

Spy Museum

If you have ever watched a spy movie, like Bond, James Bond. Then you have to love Spy movies. Well, in D.C. There is a Spy Museum. Wait… What?? Located at It is located here 700 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20024 Good Walk It was down the street from […]

WWII Memorial

World War II went from September 1, 1939, to September 2, 1945.  Bringing most of the world’s countries into the battle and forming to great and opposing Military alliances. The allies and the Axis powers. The Memorial It was opened on April 29, 2003. President George W. Bush dedicated it […]

Temple Washington D.C.

Sitting just north of D.C. in Kensington, MD this is the 18th constructed and the 16th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Location: It is visible from Interstate 495, known as the Capital Beltway, on exit 33. You can also take the Washington Metro’s […]