Rental Car

We didn’t plan on renting a car, but the wife wanted to go out to Mount Vernon. So we rented one.

Found one

We found one on Budget, and so we reserved it at Regan National Airport. We jumped in a cab. We should have taken the Metro but we didn’t. I know, I know.

Got there and picked up the following:

It was a small little car, we didn’t need that big of a car.

It served its purpose and it took us to

  • Mt. Vernon
  • LDS Temple
  • Target
  • Airforce Memorial
  • Marine Corps Memorial
  • Driving around the Pentagon a few times

We didn’t plan on going to Mt. Vernon, but the wife wanted to so the car was a must.

It was nice to have it due to the rain that was coming down all day.

The Cost

The cost of having the car

  • Taxi to Airport
    • $40
  • Rental
    • $194.01
  • Gas
    • $18.00
  • Mt. Vernon tickets
    • $56.00
  • Lunch at Mt. Vernon
    • $45.16
  • Target
    • Not sure…
  • Taxi back
    • $40

Would have been cheaper to take the Metro

It cost enough but was well worth it.

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