Travel Adventures

New direction

When I started this adventure of traveling with Justin, I was thinking of a doing it as a traditional website and not as a blog, so I thought about having pages. Hence, the menus across the top of the page. By doing this I would create pages for my trips […]

Drive Home

Once we landed we had to gather the luggage and then get the car. Best Western It was around 10 PM when we landed and I caught the shuttle to get the car. We parked at the Best Western and paid to park there. That was nice, sort of. I […]

Snorkeling on Maui

We had an activity planned for the day, did the rain ruin it? Almost! What did we do We canceled our snorkeling adventure with another company due to the rain. However, my brother-in-law got a discount at Pacwhale ECO adventures. It was cheaper and there weren’t that many people on […]

Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022

Sunday is upon us. It is move-out day and spending the day at beaches. Move out day Yes, we are moving out of our current place in Maui and heading out to a new place.  We packed Saturday night and some packing Sunday morning.  Holy crap, we have a lot […]

Stayed on Maui

Somewhere fancy? Somewhere close to the beach?  Well, let’s talk about it. Not fancy We didn’t stay anywhere fancy on Maui. The only reason my in-laws took 49 members of the family. We stayed here Yep, it was a Boy Scout Camp. Yep, a Boy Scout camp. Why Well, it […]

November 26, 2022

Just another day in paradise right? You are in Hawaii and you should love the time here. Morning time We got up and ate some breakfast, after my breakfast of protein drink, apple sauce, and a protein bar. I had some pancakes. That is what I am talking about. For […]