Travel Adventures

New direction

When I started this adventure of traveling with Justin, I was thinking of a doing it as a traditional website and not as a blog, so I thought about having pages. Hence, the menus across the top of the page. By doing this I would create pages for my trips […]

Memorial Day

What is it So what is Memorial Day? Do we know what it actually mean? IS it a long weekend?  Let me explain. What is it It is a day for honoring the men and women who have died while on duty with the US military and it is a […]

I am back

The last time I wrote a blog post was on January 18, 2021. I know, I know, what happened. Let me explain. Only 18 days Yes, 18 days into the new year of 2021 and I stopped posting. I had enough posts to last me until at least March. But, […]

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, Food

Still road-tripping food. Here is what I can remember. Morning Had some yogurt and cold pizza I know great right. Lunch I had some muffins from Walmart Dinner We had the following for dinner: Sloppy joes Cupcakes or ding dongs It was a good dinner, I know not much information […]

Lake Powell

Is a manmade lake in Southern Utah on the border with Arizona. The Colorado River feeds into this lake. History Finished in 1963 after a failed dam in Echo Park, now Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. People tried to stop the build of Glen Canyon Dam, but they were too […]

Christmas Time

In the longest year of our lives so far, the year 2020 has been an interesting one indeed. Here at Traveling with Justin, we just want to wish you a We hope that you will stay safe. Remember that Christmas is about Family and of course the meaning behind Christmas.

Taking Christmas Off

So the year 2020 is coming to the end. We only have one small little step to go. That is Christmas. Here at, we have decided to take the last 2 weeks of December off. So there will be no organized posts. We will be planning out the next […]

Cedar City Overview

The trip is over and how did it fair? That is what is on my mind after the trip. How did it fair? How did it go? I have about a million questions going through my mind. Days Yes, this covered some days back in September it was over Labor […]