Travel Adventures

New direction

When I started this adventure of traveling with Justin, I was thinking of a doing it as a traditional website and not as a blog, so I thought about having pages. Hence, the menus across the top of the page. By doing this I would create pages for my trips […]

Outlook for 2022

What will happen in 2022 for Traveling with Justin? That is a good question. Let’s find out what I am thinking how it will turn out. 2020 Came along and well something happened and well traveling sort of just well stopped. It sucked big time. 2021 Came along and it […]

Christmas Day, 2021

What does Christmas mean to you? Christmas We have reached December 25, 2021, and that means that Christmas is upon us and we are hopefully spending time with family this year. I know I am. No matter Where you are at in the world, or where you are spending Christmas […]