Toiletry Bag

When at home you have everything you need to get ready in the morning. Like hair spray, combs, toothpaste, you know the drill. What can you do when you travel?  Can you take everything with you? Of course not? You are traveling you need to pack light. What I use […]

New Black Checked Luggage

Pervious on traveling with Justin, I talked about all my luggage all 7 bags. Well, we can move that count up to 8 now.  You might ask the following question. What you got another piece of luggage?  Yep you know it We got a new piece of luggage. I know. […]


There is a saying out there “You can’t have it all”, however, I rephrased that to “One can’t have enough luggage”. That is so true, believe me. I know that for a fact you can’t have enough luggage. My wife and kids make fun of me because I like luggage. […]

Shoe Holder

When you go on vacation you pack a lot of things. One thing is shoes. I know I know a couple of pairs depending on what I am doing and where I am going. So it always has been an issue for me. Where do I pack my shoes at? […]

Tech Bag

I have a whole bunch of tech stuff that I take with me on my trips so I can document my travel for my blogs. Yes, it is just a backpack that I used for school to carry my laptop. My wife says it is just too big to carry. […]

My New Carry On

Ever since my carryon went to South America with my son. I have been struggling to get a good suitcase. Something that I can use time and time again. I looked at reviews online and compared carryon’s and I found one, but do I get the International one or domestic. […]

New Packing Cubes

As I mentioned before my packing cubes are in Argentina so I needed some new ones and I found these on Amazon. Now, I used them when I went on our Mexican Riviera Cruise back in March.  They were OK and not what I was expecting. Old Ones Now the […]

Cord Bag — Wife

For many many years, I packed all the tech and cords. I got a cord bag so that we could keep all of our (my) technology powered. She said I complain too much, it isn’t complaining, but just little hints that she might need to start taking her own cords […]

New Carry on for Wife

My wife has a nice carry on it is Ricardo Beverly carry on. But the only problem is, it isn’t a pinkish color. It is a nice red color. But now it doesn’t match the following: And this one So what does someone do in order to fix the situation? […]

Tote Bag

What is a tote bag? Well it is a bag that you tote around. We (my wife) were looking for bag that she could carry on the plane that will carry certain items so she wouldn’t have to carry her purse. Basically she was looking for a purse but not […]

28 inch Checked Bag

Everyone needs a big suitcase, right. Just a bigger bag to haul around all your stuff or just more of stuff you won’t use. History This bag came from a Fred Myer store in Juneau, Alaska. Yes, you heard that right, we got this in Juneau while on a cruise […]

Laptop Suitcase

Back in 2015, I was looking for a bag that could help me travel on a plane with just a carry on and a personal bag. Like my wife, we didn’t want to lug around extra baggage when we went on an Alaskan cruise and I looked high and low […]

Red Suitcase

I have called this one the Red suitcase since it is red. History Back in 2015 when we went on a cruise to Alaska, and we decided that we were only going to take a carry on and a personal bag. This is my wife’s personal bag, as the previous […]

Wife’s Carry on

When you travel you need some luggage, right. We needed some new luggage for the wife as she was in need of a new one. It seems that we go thru a new one every few years, not from over travel but from them not being cute. Carry On What […]