28 inch Checked Bag

Everyone needs a big suitcase, right? Just a bigger bag to haul around all your stuff or just more of the things you won’t use.


This bag came from a Fred Myer store in Juneau, Alaska. Yes, you heard that right, we got this in Juneau while on a cruise to Alaska. So we get off the ship and find a shuttle that will take us to Fred Myer for $10 a person and then we looked at luggage since my wife wanted another piece of luggage so we brought this piece of luggage.


It is a Ricardo of Beverly Hills, See a pattern.


The bag has 3 outside pockets and a main compartment.

The first pocket is on the bottom of the front It is about 14 inches deep, there are three additional inches at the top above the zipper and it is about 17 1/2 wide. It can fit all sorts of stuff in it.

The second on the pocket is about 5 inches deep with three additional inches above the zipper and it is about 17 1/2 inches wide. You can fit all sorts of little miscellaneous things in here.

Then it has a bigger pocket behind the above 2 pockets, It is about 22 1/2 inches deep and about 18 inches wide. We just keep some hampers in that pocket.

The bigger one

Once you open it up it has 28 inches long and 12 inches deep and 18 inches wide. It consists of 2 mesh pockets, one on each side. Not sure what you can put in there we put socks and souvenirs in there. It does have a handy pocket up at the top.

I am assuming this is for the liquids so that they can be separate from your other stuff. On the lid of this suitcase, it has a zipper that holds more stuff than it has another zipper, that goes the full length of the suitcase and it is for your suit and or dresses in it.

My opinion

I am not really sold on this suitcase, we have used it twice, once for the return trip from Seattle after our Alaskan Cruise. We could only fill it about halfway full as it was over the limit of 50 lbs.  We then took it on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and we couldn’t use its fullest as it was only half full, as it was at 50 lbs. So in order to use this suitcase to its fullest, you will have to never fly with this suitcase unless you have your own private jet. Then you can use this to its fullest.

I might have to pack this bag like it should be used and see how heavy it is. But it is a nice bag but really not needed as you can’t use it to its total ability.


Do you see a trend happening here?


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