Laptop Suitcase

In 2015, I was looking for a bag that could help me travel on a plane with just a carry-on and a personal bag. Like my wife, we didn’t want to lug around extra baggage when we went on an Alaskan cruise and I looked high and low for a bag that would help me do the trick as we have been on 2 cruises before this and taken way too much luggage. I mean way too much. So we wanted to do something different.


For some strange reason, I was bound and determined to get a bag that would hold my laptop since I used it so much (not really) it was a 17″ computer. It was a giant computer and a heavy one. I have gotten wiser since then. So I found this G Solo bag. I thought it would do the trick. Let’s find out.


So the bag is about 14″ tall and 10″ front to back, and 13 1/2″ side to side. It has 5 pockets. Here is the breakdown.

  • Front one (Small zipper one)
    • Good for your travel documents
    • Put your stuff from your pockets when going thru security
    • Passports and other miscellaneous stuff
  • Second Front (Bigger zipper one)
    • It looks like a place for business cards, calculators, not kidding, pens, and your phone.
    • I just put my miscellaneous tech stuff in there
  • First, the middle zipper pocket
    • This is for papers like business papers. It has a divider in it, like an accordion style.
  • Second middle or towards the back zipper pocket
    • It is for an iPad, a Kindle small notepad, and a laptop. Yes, I fit my 17″ in there.
  • Back zipper pocket
    • Is for your clothes
  • You can pull it behind you as it does have a retractable handle

Day trip or so

I am assuming that this bag is intended for that business person who is only flying out for a couple of days and just needs the essentials. For me, I wouldn’t pack my clothes in the same bag as I take to the office. That is just odd.

My opinion

Oh no here comes my opinion on the matter. The bag has potential, but just not for what I had envisioned I needed it for. I missed my backpack on that Alaska trip and I had to go and buy me a cheap one. It didn’t have a strap on the back so it wouldn’t easily hook on to my luggage. I had to drag both of them around. I guess that is better than dragging a bigger one around as well. I am not sure I will use it again. I will have to wait and see what I can use it for.


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