Red Suitcase

I have called this one the Red suitcase since it is red.


Back in 2015, when we went on a cruise to Alaska, we decided that we would only take a carry-on and a personal bag. This is my wife’s private bag, as the previous post was her carry-on for the trip. We thought this would be the best thing for her to help eliminate baggage since we didn’t want to take on too much, as it is a pain in the butt to haul all that stuff around.

Why this one

This one, of course, is a Ricardo Beverly Hills, which was the brand of the last one. Yes, they aren’t the same color. We thought that with the big open top, we could fit what she needed in there, and it could act as a portable purse but not.


It has one oversized zipper on the top and one on the front. When you open up the show, you have a long mesh pocket to put loose change, phone, keys, and stuff you need for airport security. It has a place for your phone. It always has a long pocket.

The Big pocket on the top opens up, and it is a place for your tablet and a place for your 13″ to 15″ laptop. My 17″ laptop wouldn’t fit in it. I think it is designed to hold some clothes and some small toilets.

It has a retractable handle, so if this is the only one you take, you can pull it behind you. It also has a strap on the back of the suitcase to be placed on another briefcase.


Was it really that functional? That is hard to say, as it wasn’t what my wife was looking for. It could be helpful for someone who could use it in a way that is for them. It would fit under the seat in front of you. So it has that going for it.

My opinion

This bag could be helpful to someone who could use it for a few days on a trip. But for what my wife wanted to use it for, well, it just wasn’t just practical, and after a couple of trips to try and get this to work for what she envisioned it for. So that strikes one for me in getting a functional bag for her.


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