Year 2020

Trips for the year of 2020

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, Food

Still road-tripping food. Here is what I can remember. Morning Had some yogurt and cold pizza I know great right. Lunch I had some muffins from Walmart Dinner We had the following for dinner: Sloppy joes Cupcakes or ding dongs It was a good dinner, I know not much information […]

Lake Powell

Is a manmade lake in Southern Utah on the border with Arizona. The Colorado River feeds into this lake. History Finished in 1963 after a failed dam in Echo Park, now Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. People tried to stop the build of Glen Canyon Dam, but they were too […]

Cedar City Overview

The trip is over and how did it fair? That is what is on my mind after the trip. How did it fair? How did it go? I have about a million questions going through my mind. Days Yes, this covered some days back in September it was over Labor […]