Cedar City Hotel Stay

  • Room Comfort
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Staff Services
  • Wi-Fi, Free
  • Facilities
  • Breakfast, Free

When going on vacation you need to stay somewhere to lay your head, right. Well, we stayed at the Comfort Inn. Continue reading to see what I thought.

Comfort Inn

Name of Hotel:  Comfort Inn and Suites

Address:  1288 S. Main Street, Cedar City, Utah 84720

Website:  choicehotels.com

Room Comfort:

We got a room with one single King size bed. The room was big and comfortable. It had the following in it.

  • Chair
    • Yes to sit-in
  • Desk and chair
  • TV
    • Of course
  • The small Breakfast staging area
  • Plenty of room to move about

Room Cleanliness:

It was fairly clean, I mean for being a hotel it was pretty good


Yes, the value was pretty good. I mean we paid a total of $292 for a holiday weekend that lasted 3 days.

Staff Services:

I mean they were as good as it gets for a hotel. They didn’t clean up the room daily due to COVID-19. They were friendly whenever we saw them.


They were using something called Ubiquiti for their wireless set up. See

But still I was having issues connecting to my Exchange server


 It was a two story building, it had the following:

  • Nice big lobby
  • Breakfast station for on the go stuff
  • Nice normal breakfast place
  • Business center
  • Coffee and tea station
  • Small fitness room
    • No Treadmill
  • Small swimming pool with hot tub


They had a grab and go breakfast, due to this “COVID-19” thing we are experiencing now.


It was a good stay at a good hotel room. We had our 2 sons and a cousin over had pizza and watched the BYU game. We had plenty of room. For being a holiday weekend, and Southern Utah University (SUU) starting on the following Wednesday. It was a good place to lay your head.

Was it worth it

Yea, I mean the price was great, wish this wasn’t a “COVID-19” thing going on it would have been better in my opinion. I would stay here again. I just need to figure out why they are having an issue with Microsoft Exchange server. That was a pain. But check it out.


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