St. George

Overview of St. George

This was supposed to be a weekend trip you know like Friday -Sunday. However, it wasn’t the way it turned out. I am glad we didn’t rent a room. Morning We had some obligations on Saturday morning and that pushed off the departure until the Afternoon.  I went to a […]


A wood-fired pizza place in St. George. Located Menu Here is a picture of the menu and below that is a link to the menu out on their web site. You can also find it here Ordered Since we can never decide on what to get we ordered two different […]

St, George, Utah

Where is it It is located in the Southwest corner of the state of Utah. History It was inhabited by the Anasazi, Virgin River, and the Southern Paiute tribe.  When the first Europeans were in 1776 when the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition. In 1861, the city of St. George was founded as […]

St. George, Utah Trip

When we planned this little trip it was supposed to be a relaxing trip. But somethings things don’t work out that way. Trip Take the weekend go see a play and relax. Leave on Saturday morning and drive to St. George, Utah which is about a 3 to 4-hour drive. […]