St, George, Utah

Where is it

It is located in the Southwest corner of the state of Utah.


It was inhabited by the Anasazi, Virgin River, and the Southern Paiute tribe.  When the first Europeans were in 1776 when the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition.

In 1861, the city of St. George was founded as a cotton mission. It is also called Dixie. When the American Civil war broke out Brigham Young organized the settlement of Washington County.

It was named after George A. Smith an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 1877, the LDS Church completed the St. George Temple, it was the third temple was built and is the oldest continually operating one.


With the testing in the Nevada test site of the Nuclear weapons during the 1950s.  The winds routinely carried the fallout towards St. George. Which caused cancer in people living in that area. In 1962 the thyroid of radioiodine high as 120 to 440 rads.


  • Total area
    • 64.9 square miles
  • Population in 2010
    • 72,897
  • Metro area
    • 171,700
  • Time zone
    • Summer UTC-6
    • UTC -7
    • Both Mountain

It is close to Las Vegas


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