Overview of St. George

This was supposed to be a weekend trip you know like Friday -Sunday. However, it wasn’t the way it turned out. I am glad we didn’t rent a room.


We had some obligations on Saturday morning and that pushed off the departure until the Afternoon.  I went to a football game for like 30 min and then we left.

  • Filled up the car
  • Ate at Barry’s
  • Left for St. George.
  • St. George

Rest of the day

Once we arrived in St. George we went to the LDS temple there then we ate at Riggatti’s. Something new and it was good food.

We then made our way to Tuchan theater where we watched Wish upon a Star. It was a good program I enjoyed it.

Headed home

We headed home and stopped to get gas in Fillmore, Utah. Where I found a wallet on the floor. I  didn’t know what it was but so I was just going to walk by it. But I bent down and picked it up and turned it over and saw a Princess Cruise Card and a top of an Arizona driver’s License. My wife wanted to drive, so as we were pulling out we saw a U-Haul trailer with Arizona plates. I asked my wife to stop and I asked the lady if she is missing her wallet. I told them I found it on the floor and turned it in at the desk. Then we left.

I guess my wife didn’t want to drive, she was just being nice. So I could rest my back. So I laid the seat down and stretched my back out and boom I was out like a light. I woke up just outside of Payson, Utah. My wife really wasn’t that happy. Since I slept and she couldn’t. I could have driven home.

End of the trip

Well, not sure what it was but when I got home at 2 AM,  I was in the bathroom off and on all night, I think it was a 24-hour flu thing. I took a long nap and then I was able to sleep that night. I took the day off of work and just vegged out all day. By the bathroom of course.

Fun day but not a fun drive in one day. You do what you need to do.