Overview of Sunday, September 13, 2020

As I mentioned above the plan was to go to Lake Powell, sleep over night and then go get a spot on the beach. The only thing wrong with that is nobody is leaving at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday Morning.

Morning time

As you know that we didn’t quite make it to Lake Powell on Saturday night. Woke up and headed out to Lake Powell. We left Kanab behind, it is a 1 Hr and 2 min drive.

We got there and went and visited the local Wal-Mart and stocked up on a few things.  Then headed to Lone Rock. We got there and to our not surprise, no -one was leaving.

One of the members found some people pulling out later on in the day, so we all just went down there and hang out for  a couple of hours

Lunch Time

We finally go to set up the camp, ours was pretty easy, we pulled in and backed up and we were done.  Helped get the camp all set up, the dining room and so forth.  Put the wave runners and the boat in the water. Got the four wheelers out. Then the time was to relax. Ate some lunch.

Dinner time

When dinner time came around it was time for us, yes it was our turn, to do dinner. Got all that warmed up and served and then it was time to just relax some more.


So the day was productive in the sense that we did the following:

  • Left Kanab
    • I once knew a girl from there
  • Went to Walmart
  • Found a spot
  • Set up camp
  • Made dinner
  • Relaxed.

That was a good day.

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