Sept. 7, 2020, Overview

Today is Labor Day, the last day of the long weekend and we are down in Cedar City at the SUU campus. Today was check-in day.

Morning Time

Was awake when my alarms went off, I don’t disable them because I would forget to set them again. I grabbed some breakfast from downstairs in the hotel, Then we did the following:

  • Harbor Freight
  • JoAnn’s
  • Looked for an Einstein’s Bagels
    • Didn’t have one, only in St. George.
  • Desert Book
  • Son’s apartment
  • Ace Hardware


We went to the SUU campus where we picked up a facemask and some parent’s information. Son checked in and got some swag.

Went to lunch at Café Rio. Don’t get me started.

Went to the LDS Temple here in Cedar City

Went to Smiths

Came back to the hotel room.

I have failed as a tech person for my family.

Evening time

Watched the BYU vs Navy game and they played on ESPN to an empty stadium, yes, this stupid COVID-19 is just destroying everything.  But at least they are playing.