Overview of Saturday Sept. 12, 2020

Yes, the day we left for Lake Powell was full of fun and stuff. Getting ready to go. It is a long drive to where we go every year and that is Wahweap, located on the Utah and Arizona border. It is about a 6-hour drive, so off we go.

RV Pick up

We rented a Motor home, yes my wife doesn’t do tents anymore. So we went and picked it up. It was a nice motorhome and we will talk about that when I do the review of that motor home.

Packing it up

We came back home packed it up, the neighbors, the Mott’s, came over and wanted to look at it. They then offered up their generator. I am glad we took it. It was a lifesaver, well not really a lifesaver, but it made the wife happy that the AC could run when she got hot and the kids could do their online school. No there wasn’t WIFI, but we had some hot spots so that makes it good.

In all the packing up we forgot to grab my wife’s brand new life vest and my son’s. Yes, I did hear about that the whole trip.

Once it was packed up, yes it was full We headed out to Lake Powell.

Cedar City

We made a stop in Cedar City to pick up the son we just dropped off a week before and pick up the cousin who is going to Dixie University in St. George, Utah.  We then headed off to Powell. It was a long drive and didn’t go as my wife wanted. But it was fine.

We went through Cedar Canyon passed Navajo Lake, and ended up in Kanab. We meet up with the in-laws and had dinner. They didn’t want us to travel the road to Lake Powell at night. It is a great road for wildlife at night.


We got here met the in-laws and they ate already, and we ate at a pizza place. It was good food. We then ended up sleeping in the hotel parking lot. Not what we thought we would be doing. But it is what it is.