Toiletry Bag

When at home you have everything you need to get ready in the morning. Like hair spray, combs, toothpaste, you know the drill. What can you do when you travel?  Can you take everything with you? Of course not? You are traveling you need to pack light.

What I use

I use a small toiletry bag to carry my stuff.  It will carry my stuff. But what about my wife. She can’t use something like I use. Since she wants to bring the kitchen sink. So what can we do well? We found this bag

What can it do

I bet you are probably asking yourself, the same question I asked. What can this bag do? What can’t it do is the question we need to ask. The bag has the following:

  • Big middle section
  • A smaller side pocket
  • Bigger side pocket that expands

What can inside

This is what can go inside (not what we usually take)

The above picture does not show what we typically take. It weighs 5lbs when it is fully loaded. What it looks like with stuff in it

With the expansion opened up

My opinion

This bag has some promises of being a great way to pack your toiletries for your trip. But my wife likes to take a lot of things. But when it is fully packed it is 5LBS and that is 5lbs you added to your check-in bag. Yes, this will have to go into your checked bag. Nice bag, but when you are trying to pack everything you use at home it really doesn’t work.

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