Got me Thinking

While on the new trip, you will find out in the next blog it got me thinking of doing something different. I know my thinking could be scary. Yes, my thinking can be scary, very scary since it could cause me more work. Yes, this thinking will cause me more work.


In order to engage my Instagram account (travelwjustin) for my travel blog, in which you are reading now. I had got something that was supposed to do the following to my travelwjustin account whenever I posted a blog post:

  • Post photos
    • Post an image
    • If I had more than 1 photo and up to 10 photos 

It only posted 1, yes only one photo per post and it worked for like 6 posts, and then it stopped working. This is what I would get every time my blog would try and post Instagram.

Dear user,

Your post ID 3121 not posted on Instagram due to following reason.

Invalid request options.

How annoying very annoying for this to happen. The company says the API on Instagram changed and it messed everything up. I mean I paid good money for that to work and it didn’t. So I am looking at a few different things to help me do get my Instagram more involved. In order to grow my blog and my Instagram I will have to engage more with my followers. (All 2 of them)

My thinking

I know I am not a world traveler and I am not going to exotic places all the time. I am trying and working on traveling but this dang COVID-19 just messed everything up. So in order to get this blog and my travelwjustin Instagram account. That is one way to get my followers to get to know my blog and see what my opinions are about places I go and see.

Here is what my plan would like to follow:

  • Do a video (If needed)
  • Post some photos as well

I need to be more interactive on my social media accounts. Hopefully, my plan will work and it will be a great time and be more interactive.

That is the goal anyway. I will strive to be more interactive.

New slogan

Not really a new slogan, but when videoing, I am going to say TWJ, which is short for Traveling with Justin. That will be something to get used to for me and you.

Look forward to the new and improved blogging and Instagram from Traveling with Justin (TWJ)

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