Shoe Holder

When you go on vacation you pack a lot of things. One thing is shoes. I know I know a couple of pairs depending on what I am doing and where I am going. So it always has been an issue for me. Where do I pack my shoes at?


I just usually just pack them in the bottom of my suit case and don’t get them out until I am there. Take my trip to the Caribbean in February I took the following pairs of shoes:

  • Tennis shoes (to walk in)
  • Water shoes to wear at the beach
  • Dress shoes for formal night
  • The shoes I was wearing on the plane.

Where was I going to put all these shoes?  Well, my wife got some shoe holders somewhere. I am not quite sure. She got a purplish one and a blue one. This is what they look like

The function of the bag

As you can see above the bag is a good size. It has three pockets

  • Small pocket on the front
  • A deeper pocket for your shoes
  • A shallower pocket for stuff

That is how it is supposed to work. For me well it didn’t work.

What worked

For my wife this was perfect her shoes consists of

  • Flip flops
  • Filip flops
  • Dress shoes

She took the shoes and put them in the deep pocket and well it worked for her. She packed them in her bag and away she went. So it worked for her.

What didn’t work

For me, the shoes that would fit in here were my water shoes.  Yea nothing else would fit in here and zip up. I guess I could fill it full of socks and go from there.

Size of shoe

I am not sure what size of shoes these are designed to hold. I know they will hold some size 8 flip flops and dress shoes. But clearly it wasn’t designed to hold my size 12.

My opinion

Remember this is just my opinion so don’t take it as gospel. But this will work for people that have small feet. Clearly not for people that have a bigger foot. So if you have small feet go for it. But I am just thinking what do people who have size 15 feet do?  I know they don’t use this.