New Backpack, Michelle’s

There is a question we all ask our selves when we all pack to go on a trip. What type of bag do we take as a personal carry on? Well, OK maybe it is just me that asks that question. But I found that my wife was struggling as well.

The  Struggle

Yes, the struggle is real for me and my wife looking for a good carry on bag. Believe me, we have spent a lot of money on bags to carry on for my wife. I think we tried like 6 different bags before we got this backpack. She always carried a big bag full of stuff. I mean full of stuff and then she would get mad at me because she couldn’t find anything.  I mean it wasn’t my fault that she couldn’t find anything in here:

I talked about this here almost a year ago.

After a while, she found a backpack on Amazon. She got it and I was like shocked beyond belief.  Because the struggle was so real me to help her find something she could like and use.

The Backpack

The backpack has five pockets on it and a slip thru for a suitcase.  Let’s talk about all the pockets.

The Front

Here is a picture of the front of the bag the first pocket is on the bottom of the bag, well not the bottom, but you get my drift.

and it consists of

  • 2 pen pockets in the middle.
  • Three other pockets
    • They can’t fit the phone of a passport
    • No RIFD pocket.
  • A key holder

The next pocket is right above that

You can put your phone and passport here when you go thru security at the airport, but I wouldn’t leave anything valuable in it.  You know those darn thieves out there.

The next pocket is the tech pocket

This pocket is on the front of the bag and it is behind the other two. This pocket will hold a 13″ computer and a 12.9 inch iPad, that is what I have. It could hold a kindle as well.

The Middle

The middle of the bag, I guess you can call it the middle, consists of a large place to put some clothes

The two zippers side of things

It zips all the way open so it can lay flat and you can pack it. It has some compression straps inside of it and on the flap it has 2 zipper pockets to hold things. One appears to be a wet pocket.

The Back

The back of the bag consists of the shoulder straps and a pass-thru for a suitcase.

The pass thru

It has another feature but we will talk about that in a min.

The Top

Has a handle to grab it and carry it along.

The sides

One side has a pocket for a water bottle or an umbrella. It also features compression straps as well. You could stick a tripod in the pocket and strap it in the top.

The other side 

Has the compression straps and a handle to carry it along like a brief case.  But when doing it won’t the shoulder straps hang out and be in the way? That is a good question  

This is where that feature I mentioned up ^^ above when I was talking about the back.

You can unclip the shoulder straps and then tuck them away and zip it up to hid them.  Interesting.

This is a unique way of doing things as it looks like this when carrying this bag as a briefcase

That is one side of it here is the other side

so you will look more professional, that is if you use this bag in an everyday setting.

My opinion

I was thinking that this would be a good bag for my tech since I am looking for a new one. But for me, it wouldn’t hold all of my gear. For my wife this is a great bag, she can carry this as a backpack slide it over the suitcase and so forth. She likes it and it will hold what she wants it to hold.  She seems much happier as it isn’t in a big bag where she can’t find anything to being organized and happy.