Now what..

This year was going to be epic; I mean epic. I was really going to get this site going and have a lot of stuff to talk about. Of course, I was going to travel and that was the most important part of the year. But then something happened and that was it.

Year of Travel

Here is a breakdown of my trips this year

  • February
    • Eastern Caribbean cruise
  • May
    • Dodger Game
    • Disneyland (3 days)
    • California Coastal cruise
    • Tour of Vancouver, CA
  • October
    • Disneyland again
  • November
    • Mexican Riviera cruise over Thanksgiving

I was going to do a lot of travel and that means a lot of content on for this blog.

But then crap hit the fan.

Covid 19

This thing called coronavirus disease came to a calling. It is called Covid-19 for shortness and the 19 stands for when it started in 2019.  This was a thing when I went on my cruise in February of 2020. It started in China and worked its way all around the world.  This virus has wreaked its havoc on the world.


Everything shut down, I mean everything

  • National Basketball Association
  • NCAA Basketball games
  • National Hockey League
    • Plus minor leagues
  • Major League Baseball
    • Plus minor leagues
  • Major League Soccer
  • So basically all sports  
  • Cruises stopped sailing
  • Disneyland and Disneyworld shut down
  • Movie Theaters
  • Even Vegas was shut down

This all made traveling really hard. We just canceled all the traveling for this year and will have to do it in the upcoming years.

What I am doing

I am going to do my best to deliver content 2 a week on Monday and Thursday instead of the 3 days a week. Somethings I can talk about:

  • Few traveling things
    • Like luggage
    • Backpacks
    • Packing cubes
  • A couple of day trips
  • Some of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Temples
  • Traveling news
    • Cruise
    • Disneyland

You get the idea.

Come back

Keep coming back and seeing what talk about. I think you will like it.

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