28″ New Check-in

Another piece of luggage joins the family. Great!!


When in Maui you need to hit the swap meet, right? Well, that is what we did. My wife was bound to find a piece of new luggage. She wasn’t finding anything. Then we came upon a tent and she found this.

It was the perfect color and hard shell, we are trying to get away from the soft-sided suitcases.


Well I am not too sure about the specs but it is

  • Grey and Pink
  • It is 28″
    • They didn’t have a 24″
    • Good thing since the 24″ wouldn’t have fitted
  • Has spinner wheels

That is about it. I mean I could go and measure the suitcase. But, I won’t.

What now

Some questions:

  • The question is will we use this?
    • Don’t know
  • What will we do with the others?
    • I will use the black
    • The wife said she will use the Rose Gold one if needed
  • Is she happy with the suitcase
    • Who knows.

We are getting up there in how many luggage bags we own.


Check out the video on this latest one we picked up.