Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a thing and Justin must not be traveling and needed something to talk about. 

Well, yes and no. 


We all need to tag our luggage for us to make sure that we get it back if it gets lost and so that no one takes it by mistake. 

I all most left my luggage behind in New York, due to me not thinking it was mine. I didn’t have a luggage tag on it. But it does now. 

Picked up 

I was looking on Amazon and I found a couple of different tags. One set for me and one for my wife. 

I picked up 

For the wife

Yes, they are blue and pink, probably the most popular colors out there. But they are what we wanted, so there you go. 

Now they will stand out with our luggage. We have them on the check-in luggage and also on the carry-ons. You never know when your carry-on will get checked at the gate. So that is nice to have that tag on to tell your bag. 

After all 

This is a travel blog and I will talk about all things travel related. Also, I might talk about some other things as well. You never know. But you should always tag your luggage. Yes, it won’t stop people from stealing your luggage, there are people out there that will do that.

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