The way I do things

Here is a breakdown of the way I do things on this blog.

On a trip

When I am on a trip I don’t post about that trip at that time. Depending on the trip it might take me a couple of months to go thru all the things I would like to talk about. Things like that just can’t be done during the trip.

Also, I don’t like people knowing that I am on vacation and so a good time to break into my house. You know lazy people who would rather take from you rather on going out and earn it for themselves.

Also, I watched a video from La Lido Loca about how he posted a video of his room number on a cruise and people actually showed up to his room. That is a big no-no. But they do have over 200,000 subscribers and I have like 19. So there is a difference there.

My Perspective

I am just trying to get the best information I can on the trip I go on. Hopefully, that will help someone out. There is probably a better way to do this. But, I just figure if you go on a cruise you might like to look at a deck in detail. Or if you go to Hawaii, you might like to see what I did.

We all have a different view of things and we all like to do different things.

Not the best

Way to do things, as it might take me a while to talk about a trip. But that is just the way I do things.  But, that is just the way I do things. Yes, it is different from other bloggers, but that is just the way I roll.

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