Gadget Bag

You are traveling and crap you forgot your charging cable, now you have to go out and buy another one. Crap, now I have to find a store that carries the darn cable. 

If my count is right, that is 6 new ones this year. I just started to leave them in the suitcase, but that is what I thought. We have all been here before, haven’t we? I know I have more than once. 

Here are some things I travel with.

  • iPhone
  • iWatch
  • iPad
  • Laptop
  • Portable chargers
  • And so on.

Where do you put all the stuff at? I have tried different bags and things to try to put some things together and nothing seem to work or it makes me look like I just grabbed a sandwich bag and threw all my cables in it. Which I did.

After looking for months, I found this bag over on Amazon (link is below) 

I like this bag, I have kept all the cables in here and I make sure that it is always packed and ready to go. In the bag I have the following:

  • 5 iPhone/iPad chargers
  • Kindle charger or another charger
  • iWatch charger
  • Portable charger chargers
  • iPhone 7+ headphone adapter
  • Camera battery charger
  • MacBook Air HMDI extension
  • MacBook Air USB/Ethernet adaptor.
  • 6 port USB charger (to power it all)

This is a good new bag for me. I have enjoyed having all my stuff in one little bag. If you are looking to keep all of your cords in one place and organized, then this a bag for you. I got this off of Amazon.

***(This is not an Affiliate link, I really need to get one.)

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