Las Vegas 2018 Trip, Day 1, Oct. 11, 2018

Left the house about 11 AM and headed to Las Vegas, sin city as people call it. We stopped in Cedar City, Utah for a quick lunch. We ate at Hermies Drive-in, something different (More on Food post). This trip we decided to try to eat at different places, you know trying something new.

Crumble cookies

Since we didn’t stop on our way out-of-town we had to stop in St. George, Utah to get the wife some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. So that was an unexpected stop.

We got into Vegas around 3 and headed down the strip. It was a slow go even on a Thursday afternoon. We arrived at Tahiti Village, where we will be staying until Sunday. We tried to get another night, but we couldn’t

Tahiti Village

We will talk about this on the Tahiti Village page.

Terry Fator

We headed over to Mirage to see Terry Fator, you know the person who won America’s got the talent like 11 years ago. It was a good show he can do a lot of impressions and he can sing. The only problem was the seats in that theater were on the small size people were having a hard time getting in and out of them me included. (More on the Terry Fator post)

Las Vegas Strip

Went to find the Mirage Volcano erupting that was a cool thing. We went and walked the strip a little bit. Made it down to the Linq where we ate at the Guy Fermi Restaurant and split the Bacon Mac and Cheese hamburger. (More on the food post)

Went down and found Sprinkles, a cupcake shop and got a cupcake then went across the street and got an ice cream cone from Ghirardelli. These are in the LINQ promenade, where the high roller was at.

We walked back to the TI and found that our car didn’t get towed. You see Vegas needs a way to make more money and that means now they are charging for people to park there. TI as of now is not charging like the others are. But I noticed a sign as we pulled into the parking lot that said parking for Guests only all others will be towed. But what really defines a guest. There are several different definitions of this. The car wasn’t towed thank goodness.

Wal-Mart trip

It wouldn’t be a complete trip if we didn’t head over to Wal-Mart to get a few things then back to the village and went to bed.

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