Terry Fator

My wife wanted to see some shows while we were here in Vegas and one of them was Terry Fator.

Who is a ventriloquist, impressionist and he can use up to 15 different puppets in the show. He won America’s got talent in season two, that was 11 years ago. He signed a five-year $100 million contract. Well, he has been at the Mirage for 11 years.


The puppets that made a showing was
• Winston, The impersonating Turtle
• Walter T. Airdale
• Maynard Tompkins
• Vicki the cougar
• Donald Trump
• Elton Jon
• Michael Jackson
• Paul McCartney
• Duggie Scott Walker

I was entertained for the 90-minute show. He had some adult jokes, which there were some kids in the audience. Some of the jokes could offend people, those that are easily offended, (no I didn’t get offended, I just laughed at the jokes)

The Pros:

All of his sales from merchandising go to help military charities

The cons:

The seats were not that comfortable, I a big guy, well not that big, but I had a hard time getting in and out of the seat. They were very tight. I paid 5 dollars for this bottle of water.


It was a good show, I am happy that I went. Tickets aren’t cheap, but it is Vegas and they want your money.


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