Las Vegas, Day 2, Oct. 12, 2018

Having a small little Kitchen in the room is nice, we can do breakfast and not go find somewhere to drop some more money on it.

Woke up and had some bowls of cereal and I was able to work on a few things while the wife was still sleeping.

We ventured out to Fremont street today, on our there we saw a sign that said old Mormon Fort. So we headed over there to see what that was all about.

Mormon Fort

This was where Vegas officially started when President Brigham Young sent settlers down to Vegas to establish a stopping point for the Mormons heading south to California. Yes, this didn’t last long due to the weather and climate here. This park is run by the State of Nevada.

Fremont Street

After that, we headed to Fremont Street. This is where Vegas was Vegas before the strip was there. I saw Fremont Street in Diamonds are Forever, a James Bond movie. U2 filmed a music video down there as well. You can see that video here.  Fremont street is full of adventures and just plain old weird people.

We encountered the following:

  • Broke overweight stripper asking for money with her boobs hanging out (no picture)
  • Some guy in a slingshot thing that covered up his private parts and then went over his shoulders ( no Picture)


We decided to eat lunch there on Fremont Street, Plenty of food options.

  • Heart Attack Grill
    • If you are over 350 pounds you eat free
  • Denny’s
  • White Castle
  • Pizza
  • Many more options

We picked out Magnolia’s inside of the Queen Casino (more on the food post which is coming)

Headed back to the village to wait for Dinner

Tournament of Kings


We found that the since Vegas loves to take money from you, they are now charging for parking. So we took the shuttle from Tahiti Village to Tropicana and then we walked over to the Tournament of the Kings over at the Excalibur (more about this on the food post Coming soon)

After dinner

We walked part of the strip and just wandered in and out of the some of the shops looking for things as we walked from Excalibur to the Luxor to Mandalay Bay. We then rode the tram back to the Excalibur and walked over to New York New York and the Shake Shack got a shake and a root beer float and finished watching the L.A. Dodgers lose game 1.

We made our back to the Tropicana and went back to the resort and went to bed. It was late.

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