Over packed and on a trip

You are on a trip and you have over-packed because you waited until the last min. Once you are at your destination you realized you need a new bag. What do you do?

Well, you go out and buy a new bag correct. Most people will just not worry about it and go with what they have. I will tell you a story…

Plane leaves in 6 hours

I recently experienced this on my last trip to Alaska. My wife doesn’t like to pack beforehand. So the morning of the trip time was out for her. We had to leave at 11 AM to make our flight and it was 9 AM and she started to pack.  You see my son broke his foot the night before and they just got back from the doctors, which delivered the worse news in the world. The news is the foot is broken and will need surgery to fix it.

The thing is that we were leaving and couldn’t do surgery on the following Thursday as we would be Ketchikan, Alaska. Long story short, we (I) was packing his bag for him as he couldn’t do anything as he was on crutches and in a boot.  Then I was packing my wife’s bag for her.

Going from a carry-on to too many bags

The last Alaska Cruise we went on we just took carry on’s, and now we planned to pack 1 extra bag. There are four of us and not sure if we would need coats or jackets and so forth. My wife was just taking everything. That second suitcase was packed to the rim and was at 58 pounds. Her carry-on was full and we ended up taking a second bag. Really!!

I had my carry-on, my backpack and I put one packing cube in the big suitcase and some pairs of shoes. I was all ready to go.

On the ship

My wife decides that the best course for us is to get another suitcase in Alaska, and it has to be big. To make sure that we can pack all of the stuff we are going to buy. So once we are in Juneau, we head over to Fred Meyer and by a suitcase.

Got the suitcase and took it back on the ship and when the time comes we packed it full of the packing cubes.

Going home

So we packed it full of the packing cubes, and it was too heavy, by 18 pounds. So those packing cubes 10 of them, Pack a lot of stuff into them and they can be really heavy. We had to take 2 cubes out at the airport to make this less than 50 pounds. Really!! Now we had to find a place for these two packing cubes. Pain in the butt! We got home got the luggage off of the carousel and well it was missing a wheel. Yep, not even a week old and the airline just ripped off the wheel. Just our luck.

Good warranty

The suitcase is a Ricardo Beverly Hills collection, this is the third bag from Ricardo Beverly Hills. We are able to get new wheels for this suitcase, as I pointed out their warranty. and the bag was brand new so it qualified for it.

Long story short

My wife wanted a new suitcase, so she got one.

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