New Black Checked Luggage

Pervious on traveling with Justin, I talked about all my luggage all 7 bags. Well, we can move that count up to 8 now.  You might ask the following question. What you got another piece of luggage?  Yep you know it We got a new piece of luggage. I know.

New luggage

Hold the presses, did I just say a new piece of luggage. Yes, I did!! (Oh my goodness) Yes another one. So what is this new luggage?

  • 25 inch Checked luggage
    • Color
      • Black
    • Who’s bag
      • Both of us, wife mostly
    • Vendor
      • Ricardo Beverly Hills


The bag

  • 25 in High
  • 17.5 in wide
  • 11.75 in depth
  • Weight
    • 10.4 lbs
  • Hard case

Front of bag

Since it is a hard case there is nothing on the front as you can tell above

Side of bag

This side has a handle and the expansion zipper

Back of the bag

Nothing of importance

Other side of bag

Just the expansion zipper


It has a handle and dual smooth rolling any direction wheels


It has a Telescoping handle and a TSA recognized combination lock

Now that we have seen the outside let’s take a look at the inside

If you look at the picture ^^ you will see the left side and right side. If we take a look at the left side you will see this has a nice smooth and deep pocket

With a hanger tab

And two pockets to hold stuff in. Then you can zip it up

On the right hand side you will see a deep pocket and compression straps and a side pocket to hold things.


The question you are most likely thinking is why? Why another piece of luggage? Well, the 28 inch checked bag was just so big and you couldn’t pack a lot in it since you have to keep it under 50 lbs. Unless you are flying private then you can pack that bag up. You just have to be able to deal with it. Since I don’t fly private, I have to keep it under 50 lbs.

So we looked and my wife has always wanted a hard case for checked luggage. We have seen them just toss the luggage around. Plus I was looking for something in the 24-25 inch range. Just enough to pack stuff in and easy to deal with when traveling.

We brought this luggage right before we went to the Caribbean in February of 2020. It was nice to pull or push. I had the following:

  • This bag
    • 50 LBS
  • My carry on
    • 22 LBS
  • My backpack
    • 20 LBS

This was easy to manage all the bags, well for me it was.

My opinion

Of course, I have an opinion of the bag, I always have one. I really like this bag. I thought it was easy to

  • Manage
  • Pack
  • Yes, it weighed 49 LBS
    • Need to figure out how to pack better

I was looking for a hard case bag from Samsonite so it would match my international carry on, but my wife wanted this to be from Ricardo, like the rest of her luggage. So I was outvoted. But, I am happy with it, I can see great usage of this bag. That is if this stupid COVID-19 goes away.

So why did we have to get this one?