New direction

When I started this adventure of traveling with Justin, I was thinking of doing it as a traditional website and not as a blog, so I thought about having pages. Hence, the menus are across the top of the page.

By doing this I would create pages for my trips and then I would put them all under the Where Have I Been, menu item.

Then I would post things on the blog about other things.

So, the problem with creating pages is that no one will ever know if I created new content. Yes, I do have Facebook and Twitter links, but they only do blog posts, not pages.

I have moved from the traditional website of pages to more of a blog for almost all new content. The blog is undergoing an update. As of May 1, 2023, the menu will be changing and updating a few things. The changes will look like this.

  • About
    • This will remain a page
  • Travel Adventures
    • Is the blog portion of the website and it will contain all updates of my travel adventures that I embark on. (Minus the social media part)
    • Plus, other tips I come across
  • Where I have been will still be across the top menu,
    • This will pull up all the trips that I have blogged about in the travel adventures (Blog posts)
    • Separated into the different trips
  • Airlines
    • A brief history of the Airlines I Fly
      • A limited series of posts
  • Cruise Lines
    • A brief history of the cruise lines I sail on
      • A limited series of posts
  • Cruise Ships
    • Just a brief history of the ships
  • Countries
    • About the countries I visit
  • Country List
    • Will talk about the places in the countries I visit
  • Hotels
    • This will be of all the places I have stayed
      • You can also read them under the travel adventures (Blog posts)
  • States
    • Will talk about the states I visit
      • I have been to more states than what is listed here. I just started to talk about the current states I am visiting. I will get to the ones I have already been to at some point.
  • State List
    • Will be talking about the places I visit in the states listed in the States above
  • Transportation
    • Will be talking about all things transportation that I use while on my trips.
  • YouTube Channel
    • Of course, takes you out to my YouTube channel.

Hopefully, Facebook and Twitter will get the word out about publishing new content. You can also subscribe to get an e-mail whenever there is new content on the website.

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