Alaska Air Carry on Bags

Right now, the industry standards for a carry-on bag are 22” x 14” x 9”. Which has been the standard for a while now I thought that was correct. That what it was a couple of years ago when I flew Seattle to go a 7-day Alaskan cruise since that is all I took plus a personal bag. It was an interesting trip. (Off Topic Alert)

The reason I bring this up is that I guess Alaska Air had different sizes for the carry-ons. Right now, they are 24’ x 17” x 10” and the standard is 22” x 14” x 9”. So, the move that Alaska air is making is moving towards the standard that the rest of the industry is going by.

How can I tell if my suitcase will work with Alaska’s new dimensions? Well if you have been able to carry on with other airlines it is ok. You can also measure the height, length, and width. Including the wheels and handle. Measure it once again once it is packed, as the suitcase has expanding pockets.

The new Alaska Air policy will take effect on June 4, 2018.

Which is good I get home on June 3, 2018, from Seattle. I will be flying on, Alaskan Air so my big 24-inch suitcase will be OK. Not, that I will take one that big. Since everything fits the standard already.

You can find more out here.

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