Yep, back at the good old, well new, SLC airport. Did I get there in time to do a proper review of it? Well, let’s find out.

Parking Spot

Right now this is my fo-to for parking. I have tried

  • Dimond parking
  • Economy lot at the old airport, not the new one, but I think they are the same.

But this has been my go-to since 2019.  It is located here

And we never get covered. I just I am just not that well off. But we ended up in the very back of the lot again. They are adding on my parking spaces. 

The shuttle was fast as usual, we got out of the car and put our luggage on the shuttle. However, the driver didn’t get up or offered to help. So no Tip for them.

Proper tour

The answer to that question is no, I didn’t get there early to do a good tour. One day I promise. Maybe I will just go up there and walk around the areas I can. Then do a look at the terminals later.

We got dropped off on the bottom floor and you would have to go up to level 2 to go through TSA. However, we checked a bag. We had to go clear up to the third floor. First time being up there. My wife decided to just take a 24″ check-in bag instead of a carry-on. So that is why we had to check a bag. I decided to check my carry-on well. Since we both get a free checked bag.  That made it nice to walk through the airport.

We were in the A terminal since we were flying on Delta.

SLC is an airport that I seem to not get a good tour of it. We need to go earlier to the airport