Tech, PCC 2023

Something that has been an ongoing struggle with me is my tech.I thought I would try something different, on this trip.


Due to me trying to be a blogger and YouTuber, I have the need of bring some tech and sometimes that tech is big and bulky and it is just a lot of stuff to pack.  The question is always do I need all this stuff? Do I use all this stuff? If I don’t bring it will I realize I might need it?

The answer to those questions is no, no, and maybe.

What did I do

The first thing I did was I simplified my cables, I think I did that do good. I found that I didn’t pack enough of

  • USB C cables
    • For my iPad and other charging items
    • Not a long charging cord for the iPhone
      • For the plane

I split it into 2 different bags.

The blue one should hold cables for like the airplane and quick access. I put the black and orange one in my check-in bag due to the size of it and it made my backpack seem a lot fuller.

This was a good move, I also put my day backpack into the check-in bag. Another good move


Moving these 2. Items to my check-in bag made it better for my tech backpack to flow and easier to get things out of since I had to use the general security line.

I moved my iPad to my CPAP bag, just so I could access it easier on the plane, due to that being at my feet. This trip I put the Kindle in there as well, due to the fact that I had to go thru normal security as my backpack had to go again.

What did I take

Here is what I took

Ongoing Process

This is an ongoing process to make my tech a more usable and effective means of packing. Yes, I will be updating my cord bags to have more USB-C cables and longer phone chargers. But as I move forward it will get better.

Things I forgot to bring

My adapter for my MacBook Pro meant that I couldn’t transfer my videos over to my MacBook from my Osmo Action. Just hope I have enough SD cards.

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