Airport/Parking PCC

Airport and parking were just the normal, well almost normal.

Parking Spot

We pulled up to the parking spot and we scanned in and the gate opened up and I went forward and just went to where we normally park.

We found a shuttle and they are like, you aren’t the ones they are looking for.  Apparently, they are supposed to tell you where to park. No one was there to tell us where to park. Opps.

Anyway, we got aboard and headed to the airport.


We got to the airport, I am not sure why they just don’t drop you off at the arrivals, that would be so much better. But, I guess they are picking up people as well. It just would be nice.

The Delta kiosks weren’t working very well, so we went to the check-in counter to check out bags. I didn’t notice that I didn’t have my TSA pre-check on my boarding pass. I got all the way in there and I was told, I didn’t have it. Yea, I do. The guy was rude to me. So I had to go thru the normal security line. That meant that I had to pull out the following:

  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Kindle
  • Take off my shoes
  • Belt
  • Watch

They had to run my backpack thru again due to my external monitor. Great. I need to make sure that my pre-check is on my boarding pass on the way home.

I was so hungry, but we were running late… Shocker. We got to the gate and well, they were running late. Didn’t want to stand in the long line for Pandrea bread. So I got myself some check mix, I know a great choice.


We made it, and the only bad thing was normal security, That sucks, big time.

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