St. Thomas Excrusions

February 20, 2020 brings us to the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Which means what is there to do on the island of St. Thomas. When in port what do you do? Do you just walk around and look at the sights? Well I have you covered. Here are options.


You can go to Downtown to do some shopping and here are some places to shop at.

  • Mr. Tablecloth
  • Pandora
  • Del Sol
  • EFFY Designer outlet
  • EFFY Hematin New York Boutique
  • EFFY Jewelry
  • Cariloha

Haven sight Mall and Dock area and Crown Bay Pier

There are shops that have shops along the dock area. But there is a lot more to St. Thomas then shopping.


  1. Magens Bay
  2. Outdoor Adventure
  3. Coral World
  4. Mountain Top
  5. Skyride to Paradise Point
  6. St. John
  7. Snorkeling and Diving
  8. British Virgin islands

This little island takes the U.S. Dollar (USD) as Credit Cards are widely accepted.

But don’t take my word look at the following PDF for information about the port and Excursions.

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