Ruby Princess, Deck 7

What is on deck 7? Is this all public use, like deck 6? Well, let’s find out.

Deck 7

What does Deck 7 offer? Well, here is what is on this deck.

  • Club fusion
  • Crooners Bar
  • Crown Grill
  • Explorers Lounge
  • Oceanfront
  • Photo Gallery
  • Princess Theater
  • Promenade Deck
  • Shore excursions Desk
  • The Library
  • The Salty Dog Gastropub
  • The shops of Princess
  • Wheelhouse bar
  • Restrooms

Breakdown the deck

Let’s start at the front of the ship

Princess Theater

This is the upper portion of the theater, an excellent place to come; sometimes, it has good seating.

Shore Excursions Desk

Yes, the ruby doesn’t have these by each other, but this is located on the way to the theater.

Wheelhouse Bar

This is on the port side of the ship. You can come in here and get some drinks. You can also get to the theater as well.

The Salty Dog

On the Ruby, the casual dining option, the only one, is located in the Wheelhouse bar.


Yes, there is a library on the ship. It is not a book nook but a library where they have books, games, and a nice quiet place to go.

Shops of Princess

More places to shop at

Crooners Bar

There is no shortage of bars on the ship if you want a place to come and sit and visit.

Explorers Lounge

This is a very active place on the ship. You can come and sing, play some games, and have live entertainment. Also has a bar.

Photo Gallery

On the starboard side of the ship, you have where you can look at your

Crown Grill

This is one of the specialty restaurants on the ship.

Ocean Front

It is just a place where they can answer questions about the medallion and what it can do.

Club Fusion

This is the nightclub, the night live of the ship. It does have a bar.


There are several restrooms on deck 7

  • Outside of the theater
  • On the ship’s port side by the explorer’s lounge and the panoramic lifts.
  • Outside of Club Fusion


Yep, here is a video

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