LAX, 2023

When I think of airports, I think of LAX. I have seen it in several TV shows or movies but it is a big airport.

Los Angles International

This is named LAX in the FAA world. When I think of LAX I think of this

This is just the control tower, but for some reason that has always been something to me. I am not sure why, but it just is.

LAX is operated by Los Angles World Airports, which is a branch of the LA City government. It handled about 88,068,013 passengers. That is a lot of people.


Here are some facts and history.

  • Opened
    • Oct. 1, 1928
  • Hub
    • Alaska Airlines
    • American Airlines
    • Delta Air Lines
    • Polar Air Cargo
    • United Airlines
  • Focus city for
    • Jetblue
    • Southwest Airlines

1926 when the Chamber of Commerce saw that an airport would be a good thing.  So they started looking for locations and they found one with 640 Acres.

Hangar No. 1 was set up in 1929. Yea, the building is still there, believe it or not.

During World War II, the military came in and took control of the airport. They stationed fighters and naval guns in the ocean dunes.

Somehow in 1943, the airport managers successfully convinced the voters to approve a $12 million bound for airport improvements, still during wartime.  Once the war was over there were some temporary terminals built. The first airlines were

  • American
  • Trans World
  • United
  • Southwest
  • Western
  • Pan American
    • Came in the next month

The temporary terminals lasted for 15 years. However, they were quickly outgrown. Once again a bond for $59 Million was approved by the voters in June of 1956. The first new terminals were 7 and 8 and that was for United Airlines. Terminals 2,3,4,5,6 opened later that year.

The 1984 Summer Olympic Games caused the airport to undergo a major upgrade. However, since 2008 the airport has been undergoing a major expansion. That means that terminals are being refurbished. The Tom Bradley International terminal was completely rebuilt.  Here are some other improvements

  • 4,300 Parking structure
  • Metro Rail station
  • Consolidated Rental car facility
    • Connected by the LAXD Automated People Mover.

Over the next little bit, they would like to add 2 new terminals, 0 and 9,  which will have a total of 182 gates. Right now they have 146 gates and that is a crap load of gates.

Airlines and Cargo

I can list all the airlines that fly into LAX, but why it is a long list? 78 different Airlines are flying in there and thus the need for 146 gates.

Cargo is also a major thing for LAX and 34 cargo airlines fly out of LAX.  Yea, LAX is a very busy place to be.


It is a very nice airport and it is a bigger one. I have been here a few times and every time it has been a very busy place. While the airport has been under construction, revamping the terminals and upgrading the amenities there. It still is a great place to visit. But it is busy. I would always recommend that you allow plenty of time between connecting flights.

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