This sits on the West Coast of the United States. It is the largest economy of any state at $3.37 trillion in gross state product.

Some Facts

  • Capital:
    • Sacramento
  • Nickname:
    •  The Golden State
  • Population:
    • 39,185,605
  • Ranking in population:
    • 1st
  • Largest City:
    • Los Angles
  • Admitted to the Union:
    • September 9, 1850

The layout of the USA at the time it became a state


In 2014 California had the following religions

  • Protestantism
    • 32%
  • Catholicism
    • 28%
  • Unaffiliated
    • 27%
  • Judaism
    • 2%
  • Buddhism
    • 2%
  • Hinduism
    • 2%
  • Islam
    • 1%
  • Mormonism
    • 1%
  • Other
    • 5%

American Civil War

During this time in the United States, California sent gold shipments to support the union. However, there were a lot of pro-South sympathizers California wasn’t able to send a huge regiment to fight Union.


With California being a big state it does have quite the sports teams.

Los Angles RamsAmerican FootballNFL
Los Angles ChargersSan Franciso 49ersNFL
LA SparksAmerican FootballNFL
LA DodgersBaseballMLB
LA AnglesBaseballMLB
Oakland AthleticsBaseballMLB
San Diego PadresBaseballMLB
San Francisco GiantsBaseballMLB
Golden State WarriorsBasketballNBA
LA ClippersBasketballNBA
LA LakersBasketballNBA
Sacramento KingsBasketballNBA
LA SpraksBasketballWNBA
Anaheim DucksIce HockeyNHL
LA KingsIce HockeyNHL
LA GalaxySoccerMLS
San Jose EarthquakesSoccerMLS
LA Football ClubSoccerMLS
Angel City FCSoccerNWSL
San Diego Wave FCSoccerNWSL
San Diego LegionRugby unionMajor League Rugby

Yea, a lot of teams


This is a big state and it has Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm, and Universal Studios Hollywood. I mean they have Hollywood, the movie capital of the world. The state has a rich history. It was the 31st state admitted to the union.

If you are looking to be entertained, then this is the place to go.