Boeing 737, PCC 2023

Airplanes are the way to go if you travel. Driving is nice, but Flying is always better.


Is an American airline maker and I will be talking about the company at some point. But today’s blog will just be about the 737-900ER, which I flew to Los Angles to begin the trip.  So let’s jump into the post.

737-900 ER

The 900 is part of the 737 Next Generation line of Airplanes. It features the following variants:

  • 600
  • 700
  • 800
  • 900

All seating between 108 to 215 passengers. This competes with Airbus, a European Airplane maker, A320 family of planes.

You might ask, What is the difference? Called the Short Field Performance package and that means that you can have the ability to takeoff and landings. This helps in the more restricted airports out there. One airline will benefit from this and that is the Gol Transportes Aereos.

They also added carbon brakes which will reduce the brakes’ weight by 500 to 700 pounds. Nice, right? Depends.

These short runway packages are found in the 900ER version However, the package includes the following:

  • A winglet lift credit
  • Take off performance improvements for shorter runways
  • Reduced idle trust transition delay.
  • Flight spoiler deflection for 30 to 60 degree
  • A two-position tail skid to help with tail strikes.

The ER stands for extender Range which means that they can go further with the 2 additional fuel tanks.

Looks like

This is what it looks like on the inside.

It looked like a standard airplane. You know tight seats and not much room.


It was an OK plane to fly on, crowded as usual. But it was a quick flight. They did have TVs in the back of the seats. USB power and that was nice. It was flight and Boeing did a good job.

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