Kansas City Overview

The trip was good.

 First Night

We were hungry due to no snacks on either of the flights and not eating that much throughout the day. So we went to get some food. We picked Jack Stack Barbecue. This was over by Union Station.

Check out the food we got over here: https://travelingwithjustin.com/kansas-city-food/)

Union Station

This is where the Amtrak station is at. It was a pretty nice place to go.

Check out the gallery down below.

They have a Chiefs store in there as well.

Target and Walmart

What trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Target and Walmart?

Walmart had Chief’s stuff, and we couldn’t find anything in Target.

Day 2

Went to Liberty Jain and Independence. It was a good trip.

I went to the Nike store, and one son picked up a pair of shoes that was like $70. Boys and their shoes.

Ate at Q39 good food. You can find that post here (https://travelingwithjustin.com/kansas-city-food/)

Then we headed over to the game. It was a great game, and the Eagles came out on top.

Day 3

I finished at the hotel and went to Joe’s to eat lunch. Then, we went to Union Station and hung out until the Giving Machine was unveiled.

These two ladies announced the giving tree

Yep, that is none other than

  • Tammy Reid
    • Andy Reid is the Chief’s head Coach.
  • Donna Kelsi
    • Mother to Jason and Travis

We then headed to the Airport and went home.


It was an excellent short trip. It was a good trip; we got a lot in those three days. You are saying not that much stuff. But it was enough for us. It was an eventful trip if you could go to a game and experience it all.

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