Kansas City Food

When in Kansas City, you have to try the Barbeque. This time around, we did just that.

Jack Stack Barbecue

We headed here to get some food. It was about an hour’s wait. Was it worth it?

Here is what we had

This was a lot of freaking meat

That was Mac and Cheese, and that was good.

Some other sides

Here is the menu

That was some good food.


We stopped by here on Monday before the football game.

These pork nachos were delicious.

This is what I got

Here is the menu

The food was so good.

Joes Barbeque

This was in a freaking gas station.

I don’t think the gas pumps worked, but the line was out the door. We waited maybe 45 min. Good thing it wasn’t raining.

This is what I got.

The bread pudding was delicious.

Her e is what the rest of the family got

Here is the menu

This was good food.


All the places were perfect. The barbecue was good at all the different places. My favorite place was probably Joe’s, the gas station place.

The spicy slaw was good, and it made the sandwich good. All the different places had good food. The sides are delicious. My wife even ate most sides; she doesn’t like barbecue.

She likes burgers, but not pork. I know, odd. But she loved all the sides. They had a cornbread with Jalapeños in it. That was good. My wife liked that.

If you go, check out some barbecue places. These are just a few of the many places people recommended to us. These were just on people’s lists that overlapped.


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