Monday Night Football

That is what this post is all about. What is Monday night football? You might ask? Well, I will let you know.


The National Football League plays football on Monday night. It used to be just Sunday and Monday night. Now, it seems like it is all over the place. But we will talk about Monday night here.

The Game

Put two brothers against each other. One coach against his former team. He is currently 4-0 against them.

Rematch of the last Super Bowl. The Philledial Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs was at Arrowhead in Kansas  City. The day was rainy, and we returned from what we were doing and went to Arrowhead. It was a nice little walk from the hotel, which was nice. I got into the stadium and walked around. We found seats in Section 128, Row 17, 5-8.


That was our view. We were there about 2 hours before the game started. It was a fantastic time. We were talking with the fans around us. Most were Chiefs Fans; some were shopping for a new team. They weren’t rude and friendly, unlike some college fans.

Seeing the field up close instead of on TV is a must. That is if you are into football.

It rained and rained. But, seeing the players in person, well, that was something else. Take Jason Kelse; he looks big on TV but isn’t that big. I think I am bigger than he is. But it was a good game.

Despite the rain

The game carried on, and they went head to head. The Chiefs were ahead at halftime. 7-17. That is where the Chiefs would remain for the rest of the game. The Eagles scored two more touchdowns, making it 21 to 17. The Chiefs almost had it, but the receiver couldn’t bring the ball on the 2-yard line.

Travis Kielce was left to his own devices for this game due to Taylor Swift not being there. He did score a touchdown, but he also fumbled the ball.

Eagles Fans

There were a lot of Eagles fans at the game. I was cheering for the Eagles, as was my oldest son. The Eagles fans went home happy.

After the Game

We took our time leaving; I filmed a couple of videos. No one asked me to delete them. Two security guards came up to us; I thought they were going to ask us to leave. But he asked my wife if she was a true fan. She said yes. Then he goes I have something to show you.

He pulls out a Super Bowl Ring and lets her try it on.

Yes, the staff can get a ring, etc. All you have to do is donate and pay for it. It was fantastic to see that up close and personal. I want to say it was because I am a blogger/YouTuber, but we just looked like friendly people. But we got to see a part of the stadium, but only people who paid for it. We walked up to leave, and we got to walk through the museum. We saw the Super Bowl trophies.


The game was excellent. This is the second game I have been to, and the second one rained. They both have been on Monday Night. The fans were terrific and didn’t care who you were rooting for. If you are having fun, I would do this all a gain.

We asked someone to take our family photo, and we got this as well.


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