Panama Cruise, 2023

It is October, and I am going on a new trip. This one has been on a list, and I wasn’t sure when it would happen. Then, suddenly, we said the heck with it; let us do this trip.

Bucket list Trip

This trip has been on my list for a long time, and we are finally doing the Panama Canal cruise. Yes, it is a 15-day cruise from San Francisco to Fort Laduredell.

I am not sure how long this has been on my list. But my mother went on this cruise a few years before passing. She went with her brother, and they enjoyed it.

They visited new places, saw history, and made this canal connecting two oceans.

The Itinerary

Here is the path of the ship

SundayOct. 22, 2023San Fransisco departing
MondayOct. 23, 2023Cruising
TuesdayOct. 24, 2023Cruising
WednesdayOct. 25, 2023Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico
ThursdayOct. 26, 2023Cruising
FridayOct. 27, 2023Cruising
SaturdayOct. 28, 2023Cruising
SundayOct. 29, 2023Cruising
MondayOct. 30, 2023Puntarenas, Costa Rica
TuesdayOct. 31, 2023Cruising
WednesdayNov. 1, 2023Fuerte Amador Panama
ThursdayNov. 2, 2023New Locks Cruising
FridayNov. 3, 2023Cartagena, Colombia
SaturdayNov. 4, 2023Cruising
SundayNov. 5, 2023Cruising
MondayNov. 6, 2023Ft. Lauderdale, disembarking

Yes, we have a lot of sea days in the first week of the cruise. There are nine sea days, ten if you count the cruising of the Panama Canal. I am sure counting that as a sea day.



This is the most extended cruise I have ever been on. I have been on seven nights, but this is like two cruises. Last year, I went on a couple of 11-day trips. But this will be a nice trip.

Come back and see what the trip was all about.

Come back Monday through Friday for updates about the trip.


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