Kansas Flight Home

The flight was delayed from 8:30 to almost 9:30 PM. My wife was upset we couldn’t stay longer at Union Station. But I wasn’t sure how bad the airport would be.


There was a lot of traffic, but we made it to the car rental place and returned it. Then headed on over to the terminal. We were stopped in traffic for about 15 minutes or so.

I got there, and security was easy, TSA pre-check was just 2 of us. The general line was a bit longer.


We made it to the gate, and that was a long walk. We got there about 7 PM; you never know what could happen. Always good to get there early.

We boarded the plane bound for Denver, which was crowded. We were in the B50’s for boarding. There appeared to be fewer seats to pick from this time. We were in boarding group C, and we had plenty of seats.

The flight was OK; I was cramped in an aisle seat. Not comfortable at all. Did get service and snacks.


We landed in Denver at about 10:10 PM, and our next flight left at 10:55 PM. We landed at Gate C65 and had to reach Gate C29. That is one heck of a walk. I got there, rested for about 15 minutes, and boarded the plane. It was only about half full.

You know what? Southwest let us sit anywhere they weren’t stingy on where we were allowed to sit due to weight balance. Did you hear that, United?

I sat in a middle seat towards the back of the plane because it was half full. It was nice I was able to spread out and relax. I even got to work on my iPad for most of the flight. I know, nice!!

We got drinks and snacks. So it was a good flight home.

Arrived to SLC

It was late when we got in, like 12:30 AM, and I think we were one of the last planes there, not that many people there at all.

It was a good flight, and there were no medical issues.

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