Enchanted, Food Sept. 19

A new day and a new adventure in eating and getting that much-needed energy to get your body moving.


Was in the buffet this morning as we missed the dining room due to it closing at 9 AM and we were running late. Well, I wasn’t.

I had the following:

  • Omelete
    • Custom one
  • 2 small pancakes
  • 1 french toast
  • 1 hash brown
  • 2 orange juices

That was a good breakfast


It was a late lunch as we got back from Boston at about 3ish. Of course, I didn’t take a snap of it. I had a Taco and some fruit It was a light snack and it was fine. Since Dinner was at 6:10.


Was in the main dining room. I had the carved beef tenderloin and romesco sauce, the wife had the vegetable crockpot thing.

For dessert, I had the Banana Foster. It was pretty good.

The Menus


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