Bar Harbor, Sept. 20

Well, just like Newport, this didn’t happen due to weather conditions in the bay. Where it was just hazardous for the tender boats.


This is a priority for the Capitan and that is the safety of the passengers. So if they are seeing big swells in the bay, then nope this isn’t going to happen. Now if this was a port where we could just go and park as we did in Boston. Then we would have no problem with going. But that wasn’t the case for us

Unexpected Sea day

The ship tried to do the following:

  • Stay in Boston
    • Couldn’t do that
  • Go to Portland, Maine
    • They were full
  • Arrive Early in St. John
    • We are headed there now.

 What did I do?

I overslept this morning, we had to turn our clocks ahead one hour to St. John is ahead of us by one hour. That messed me up.

I Ate breakfast, went back to the room, and took a nap.

Worked on my computer for a little bit until it got too hot. Not, the laptop, me. The sun was shining on me.

Ate some lunch now working up in the Market Room buffet.

Need to go back and take a nap. Very, Very sleepy.