Enchanted Princess, Deck 6

This is between Deck 5 and 7 and is full of public places.

Deck 6, The Fiesta

On this deck we have

  • The lower half of the princess theater
  • Churchill’s Cigar Lounge
    • Yea, it is a smoking lounge
  • Take Five
    • Jazz club
  • Casino
    • Extra Money
  • Ocean Terrace Sushi
    • Extra Money
  • The shops of Princess
  • Crooners Bar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Fine Arts Gallery
  • Captain’s Circle Loyalty
  • Future Cruise Planning
  • Capri Dining Room
    • Wine Cellar
  • Amalfi Dining Room
    • Chef’s Table Lumiere

Can’t walk

You can’t walk from the Capri Dining room to the Amalfi dining room unless you go up to deck 7. The galley is between them.


This is where you can get together, eat, drink, and be merry.  You can eat and drink and gamble. You can look down onto Deck 5.

Deck 6 map