Worst Nightmare

There are many nightmares one can have. But I wouldn’t say I like the one I got before the Panama Canal trip.


There are a lot of nightmares one might have

  • Going to school naked
  • Falling off of a building

There are many, many more. On this Panama Canal cruise, we did something I wouldn’t say I like to do: fly on the same day as the cruise. We have done this before, and it always stresses me out. However, now that it is 2023, many flights are canceled. I know this was Southwest’s Christmas nightmare of 2022. But still, there is always the chance that your flight will get canceled, and you will miss your cruise.


I got an email about two weeks before the flight to San Francisco. I opened it, and I thought it said that the flight was canceled. But all it said was that it was moving from the Airbus A220-00 to the Embracer 175 from Skywest Airlines. Yes, it was still a Delta Flight, just operated by Skywest Airlines.

So, this could have been worse. I could have been stressing out trying to find a new flight.  But it was just a flight change.

I know

This is just a Justin problem. Well, it might be more than me. But I don’t want to miss a flight or have one canceled when I am going on a big trip.

I almost missed a couple of flights before, and that sucks. Don’t get me started on nearly missing my flight to Seattle in 2018 and flying to San Francisco in 2015—a flight out of Denver in 2022 when our flight was delayed in SLC.

I haven’t missed a flight, thank goodness.

Moral of the story

Always fly in the day before. Yes, it is only a 2-hour flight, but still, things can happen.