Cruise Things

You might pack the same things when going on a cruise as when you travel by land, but you might want to check out what I pack for cruising. It isn’t anything life-changing, but it might be helpful.

Things I Take

Here is a list of the things I take and the reasoning for taking them with me

  • 2 European plugs
  • One three-sided US plug
    • Three plugs and 4 USB A plus
  • Extension cord
  • 3 Plug with 2 USB A and USB C
  • European power adapter for Sleep apnea machine
  • Cruise luggage tags
  • USB hubs

What are they

The first thing I use is the Cruise luggage tag holders

These are very useful in helping prevent luggage tags from getting ripped off.


You have a limited amount of power in your cabin, so I bring the following:

2 European plugs

One three-sided US plug

3 Plug and 2 USB A and 1 USB C plug

USB hubs

Extension cord

European plug for sleep apnea machine (plugs in power brick)


This was a game changer, and we could hang

  • Hats
  • Lanyards
  • Shirts
  • Light clothing.


This is a nice option for tracking your luggage. You can even put it in your daypack when off the ship, just in case something happens to it.

Why These Things

If you have a lot of tech to charge, you will need all the power you can get. If you don’t have many gadgets, you might not need all those power items. It is all up to you.

But the hooks, the luggage tags, and the extension cord are nice to have.


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