Victoria, BC

This is the most southern city in British Columbia (BC).


This is the capital of BC, located on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Quick Facts

  • Population
    • 397,237
      • Rank
        • 7th in Canada
  • Named for
    • Queen Victoria
  • Area
    • City
      • 19.47 km ^2 (7.52 sq mi)
    • Urban
      • 215.88 km^2 (83.35 sq mi)


Victoria was home to the Coast Salish peoples before the Spanish and British arrived.  There was a who was commissioned to set up a fort. It was known as Fort Albert, but 1843 it was named for Queen Victoria.

The discovery of gold spread fast as it reached San Francisco in 1858. Then Victoria became the bay, the hub for people on the way to Fraser Canyon. They went from 300 to 5,000 quickly. 

It was the capital of the new united colony, but it became the capital when BC joined the Canadian Confederation, which was 1871.

After World War II, Victoria had a growth period. By the time the 1980s came around, there were several suburbs.

Other Items

There are several sports teams located here.

A lot of good attractions and things to do

Tourism is significant here, where it generates 3.5 million visitors, that is overnight, and that brings in about a billion dollars—also around 500,000 or more cruise ship visitors.

They do have a homeless issue, just like any other city.


This was an excellent place to go and visit. Go there if you can.

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